Team Balloon Pop


Much loved by all ages, from little kids to adults, this team game is great fun and very noisy! It is good for a mixed age party and enjoyed by teenagers too.

Team Balloon Pop

Age: 6+

You will need:

One blown-up balloon per party-goer (and a few spares)

How to play:

Divide your party into teams and line the teams up at one end of the room. Place a balloon for each team at the other end of the room. On your signal, the first player from each team runs to their balloon and tries to pop it by sitting on it. As soon as it pops, they run back to join their team and you place another balloon ready for the next player. The first team to pop all their balloons wins.


If you can control this game somewhat by keeping an eye on who will be popping the balloon next and giving a sausage-shaped balloon to the more experienced players! If you want to ensure that all teams get a fair chance, you could put all the balloons in a central location and allow each player to choose the balloon they pop.

You can add an obstacle course element to the game by making each player negotiate various obstacles before they reach their balloon.

Make the game more exciting by making players roll a die (or two) before popping their balloon. They must roll a 6 (or a double) before they are allowed to try to pop the balloon.

Add to the fun and chaos by inserting a nursery rhyme forfeit inside each balloon (see Balloon Pop for how to do this). As each player pops their balloon, they must find which nursery rhyme they must sing before the next player has their turn. If you have 3 or even 4 teams playing it can get very funny: some players will be bouncing about on their bottoms trying to pop balloons, others will be standing solemnly trying to sing a nursery rhyme as quickly as possible, and others will be frantically running!


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