Teddy Mascots


Kids can have great fun dressing up their teddies and other toys as mascots - either for a real sporting event (dress them up to support your favourite countries in the Olympics and World Cup, for example, or for a holiday such as Fourth of July or Canada Day) or for your own events (hold your own Olympic Games)

US Olympic Mascot teddy
This teddy is supporting the American team!

Get your teddies ready to cheer for their teams!

Olympic mascot
This teddy has one of our Olympic printables as his badge and will be supporting the red team in our own Olympic Games event.

You will need:

A soft toy
Ribbon in your team's or country's colours
Paper in your team's or country's (or design your own flag)
Popsicle (lolly) sticks
Safety pins (or fabric glue, or needle and thread)
Sticky tape
Print-out on card one of our Olympic badges (or design you own), or country flags


Start by creating a sash for your bear by making a loop of ribbon long enough to slip around your toy’s body (resting on one shoulder). Join the loop with either a safety pin, fabric glue or a couple of stitches.

Make a hair band with another length of ribbon. Join the loop with either a safety pin, fabric glue or a couple of stitches.

UK Olympic mascot
Rule Britannia Ted!

Cut out the badge and tape a safety pin to the back. Pin the badge on to the hair band.

Olympic badge

To make a flag, cut out a rectangle of coloured paper (or draw you own flag) and tape it to the popsicle stick. Tape the flag to the toy’s hand.

Australian mascot
Go Australia!

Canadian teddy
Canadian teddy supporter

For our Canadian teddy, we made a sash from red ribbon, and a head band from white ribbon. Cut out a maple leaf from red card (or cut one out from our Canadian maple leaf printable), tape a safety pin to the back to make a badge and pin to the centre of the headband. Finally, add a Canadian flag. Perfect for Canada Day too.


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