Thanksgiving Crafts

If you and the kids are feeling crafty this Thanksgiving, you will find plenty of inspiration and ideas here. We've got cornucopia crafts, Mayflower crafts, Pilgrim crafts, harvest crafts, turkey crafts and lots more!

Pilgrim Crafts
Lots NEW! Here's our large collection of (hopefully) inspiring Pilgrim crafts for kids -...
Native American Crafts
We hope you enjoy our celebration of Native American crafts for kids! We have ideas for making...
Thanksgiving Fuse Bead Patterns
Use our Thanksgiving fuse bead patterns with Hama Beads, Perler Beads or other own-brand fusible...
Thanksgiving Origami
These simple origami projects are an extra little crafty activity to enjoy with your kids this...
More Thanksgiving Crafts
Find below a collection of Thanksgiving craft ideas for children, including one of our most popular...

More Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Turkey Crafts
Turkey Crafts

Harvest Crafts
Harvest Crafts

Autumn Crafts
Autumn Crafts

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