The Chopsticks Game


I played The Chopsticks Game often in my childhood and became quite accomplished at it! It makes a fun racing game for parties and Chinese New Year gatherings. You can play as individuals or teams.

The Chopsticks Game

Age: 6+

Each child will need a pair of chopsticks, and each child or team will need two bowls and a number of marbles, Maltesers, Smartees, peanuts or marshmallows.

Place the bowls about 6-8 feet apart, on tables or chairs. Put the objects in one of the bowls. When you call "start", each child must pick up one of his objects, using only his chopsticks, and carry it to the empty bowl. He then returns for the next object, and so on until he has moved all his objects safely across and is the winner.

Hands must not be used at any time! If an object is dropped, it must be picked up and put back in the first bowl. You are only allowed to move one object at a time.

You can make this game easier by varying the objects. Marbles are hardest, marshmallows are easiest!

If you are playing with individual children, we suggest at least 10 objects to make the game last a decent time. For a team challenge, you might want only 3 or 4 objects, depending on the number of children in the team.


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