Throwing Fists


This traditional Chinese game can be played by 2 players or quite a large group. It develops quick thinking, addition and logic skills - but it's also fun!

Throwing Fists game

Age: 6+

On the count of 3, the children throw their fist out in front of them with anything from 0 fingers to 5 fingers extended. At the same time, one child (take it in turns) calls out a number. If the fingers extended add up to that number, the child wins.

Obviously, the child must call out a number which might come up. So if 2 children are playing, the numbers can be between 0 and 10; if 3 children are playing, between 0 and 15, and so on. Children must be careful to throw their fists on time, too, so that no child can be accused of changing her fingers after the number is called!

Kids will soon learn that if they are displaying zero fingers themselves they should call low, etc.

Teachers could use this game to learn about odds ("if three children are playing, what are the odds that the number will be called correctly")

Younger children might like to try Fingers Out instead.


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