Tiger Mask


Great for the Year of the Tiger or an Indian theme - your child can pretend to be a tiger when they are wearing this ferocious mask!

Tiger mask craft

You will need:

Large paper plate
Orange and black paint
Orange and black card or craft foam.
Black pipe cleaners
Thin elastic


Paint the back of the paper plate orange and leave to dry. Only when completely dry, paint on some black stripes - you'll need patience! For younger children you may want to pre-paint the orange paint.

When the paint is dry cut out your eye holes.

Twist together 3 pipe cleaners in the middle. Glue these to the centre of the mask.

Cut out a black nose from foam or card and glue this on top of the middle of the pipe cleaners.

Cut out 2 ears from orange foam or card. Glue these to the top of the face.

Make a small hole in either side of the face. Tie a piece of elastic through to hold your mask on.


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