Tiger Mask Craft


Tiger mask craft

This Tiger Mask craft is a little tricky, so best for older kids. We have another tiger mask suitable for younger kids, here:

Tiger Mask
Tiger mask

First, cut your shape out of cardboard using our photo as a guide. Mark the eye holes and cut out with a sharp pair of scissors. Use your card as a template to cut a second, identical shape out of yellow felt or fleece. Paint the card with white glue and stick the card and felt together. Leave to dry.

Now add the details! Cut 4 stripes for the forehead and 3 for each of the cheeks out of dark brown felt or fleece, and stick into place.

Tiger mask detail

Use red felt for a mouth, and a red pompom for the nose. Add 6 small brown spots from the brown felt around the nose, then apply whiskers. For whiskers you could use thin brown pipe cleaners, bristles cut from an industrial broom, or other appropriate bits and pieces from your craft cupboard.

Finally, add ears. Cut two shapes from cardboard and yellow felt or fleece and glue together as before. If you have some brown fun fur you could use that instead. Stick carefully onto the back of your mask, and neaten the join with masking tape or similar.


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