Tiger Worksheets

Have some fun with this small collection of tiger worksheets: the kids can write a poem with our acrostic printable (also useful as a writing frame) or practise their handwriting skills!

Tiger Acrostic Printables

Tiger Acrostic Poem Printable

Scroll down for four colourful printable acrostic poem printables using the letters from the word Tiger. We have blank, lined and illustrated versions to suit all ages.

Tiger Finger Tracing

Tiger Finger Tracing

Very young children can use their finger for tracing on this tiger themed worksheet. Follow the direction of the arrows to get the correct letter formation. 

Tiger Handwriting Worksheet

Tiger Handwriting Worksheet

This useful tiger handwriting sheet has the starting point and direction of writing marked, so it is clear to your child how the letter is formed. By the end of the worksheet they will be much more confident about writing the letters on their own.

Tiger Maths Facts Colouring Page

Tiger Maths Facts Colouring Page

This tiger colouring page is a fun way to practise your maths facts, and enjoy some colouring in at the same time. Kids just need to solve some simple sums and then use the key to find the right colours to use in the colouring...

Tiger story paper

Tiger Story Paper

Cute tiger themed paper for some story writing, complete with colouring page! Choose from lined or handwriting lines.

Tiger Tracing Worksheet

Tiger Word Tracing

Use this tiger tracing worksheet to practise letter formation and then colour it in! The tiger is also one of the Chinese zodiac symbols so this would be a great activity at Chinese new year time.

Tiger worksheet

Tiger Worksheet

Use this little worksheet as an excuse for finding out some interesting facts about tigers...

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