Toadstool House


This is just the sort of house that a fairy (or some little toy people) might find useful... and this toadstool house is such a fun craft to make! We love crafts that have added play value afterwards, and this one definitely has.

Toadstool house

You will need:

2 litre milk or juice carton
PVA glue
Cling film (food wrap)
Red and white acrylic paint
White circle stickers


  • Cover a cereal bowl in food wrap.
  • Rip the newspaper into strips.
  • Dip the strips into glue and lay them criss-cross across the bowl.
  • When the bowl is completely covered set aside to dry (at least overnight).
  • Remove the bowl from the newspaper.
  • Peel off the food wrap and trim any rough edges.
  • Paint the newspaper 'bowl' red.
  • Carefully cut a door in the side of the carton. Paint the carton white.
  • When all the paint is dry, use glue to secure the upturned bowl to the top of the carton.
  • Finish with the white circle stickers.
  • Find someone to live in your toadstool house!



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