Toadstool Labels


Make these cute toadstool labels with the kids and use them for their own names, to label seeds you are planting in the garden (in which case you will need to laminate the toadstools carefully) or perhaps to label objects and places around the house and garden. Combine with a picture of each child for an original wall display.

Toadstool labels

You will need:

Red card
Wooden craft sticks
White circle stickers
Red pen
White paint
Laminator and film optional


  • Paint the craft sticks white and leave to dry.
  • Draw around a small plate on the red card. Cut out, fold in half and cut along the fold so you have a semi circle.
  • Write the letters of your name, the objects you are marking or the the seeds being planted on the white labels.
  • Stick the labelled stickers and some plain ones on the card semicircle.
  • If you are making a plant label it is a good idea to laminate the card at this stage!
  • Glue the craft stick to the back of the semicircle to make the toadstool stem.



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