Toilet Roll Elephant Craft


Grab some loo rolls and see if the kids can turn out an elephant like this one!

Toilet roll elephant craft - photo 1

You will need:

Toilet roll tube
Lolly sticks
Styrofoam ball
Grey paint
Wiggle eyes
Grey card



Glue the ball to the end of the tube. Carefully cut the lolly sticks in half. File any sharp edges. Glue the sticks to the side of the tube to make legs.

Toilet roll elephant craft - detail
It doesn't look much like an elephant yet, does it!

When the glue is dry, paint the elephant grey and leave to dry.

Cut a trunk, ears and a tail from grey card. Bend the trunk around a pencil so it curls.

Glue (or stick with double sided tape) the ears, trunk and tail to the elephant.

Finish with two wiggle eyes.

Toilet roll elephant craft - photo 2

Toilet roll elephant craft - photo 1


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