Toilet Roll Sheep


Kids will love making this toilet roll sheep - particularly sticking the cotton wool balls on and watching it take shape! Add a bit of weight to the inside of the loo roll, make two and they would make lovely book ends.

Toilet roll sheep

You will need:

Loo roll tube
5 corks
Black paint (or a permanent marker pen)
Wiggle eyes
Cotton wool balls


Colour the corks black. We did this with a permanent marker pen but you could paint them instead.

When the corks are dry, glue 4 of them to the loo roll tube to make legs and leave them to dry. You will probably need to prop up the tube to keep the legs in position while they are drying.

Meanwhile, glue the wiggle eyes to the 5th cork and put to one side.

When the legs are dry, cover the tube in glue and stick on the cotton wool balls.

To cover up the holes at the ends of the tubes you will need to dab glue onto the cotton wool balls and stick them to on to the other balls.

Take the cork with the eyes and dab on some glue. Stick the cork to the cotton wool balls at one end of the tube to form the head.


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