Trees are the theme of this section of pages at Activity Village! We've got some wonderful tree colouring pages for older kids to accompany their nature study, tree craft ideas for all ages, tree templates and lots more! Explore by clicking on the links below.

Tree Colouring Pages
Here's a collection of tree colouring pages featuring trees native to the British Isles,...
Tree Crafts
Spring blossom crafts, apple tree crafts, autumn tree crafts - we've got them all here! And of...
Tree Puzzles
Here is a fun variety of puzzles with a loose tree theme - perfect for expanding a topic, or just...
Tree Printables
Tree printables of all sorts! We've got everything from writing paper to templates, including...
Tree Worksheets
We've got a fun collection of tree worksheets here - including handwriting worksheets, tracing...
Learn to Draw Trees
Our lovely seasonal trees are a great way to practice drawing a base shape and then changing it in...
Acorn Activities for Kids
An acorn is the nut of an oak tree and contains a seed (or sometimes two) from which a new oak tree...
Complete the Tree Pictures
We have one tree for each season, ready for the children to add flowers, leaves, fruit, snowflakes...

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Theme
We have a really good collection of colouring pages, printables and crafts for the Christmas tree, which is of course one of every child's favourites!
Christmas Tree Theme


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