Trick or Treat Board Game 2


This colourful, spooky trick or treat board game is perfect for keeping the kids busy while they wait to go trick or treating or as a fun Halloween party game! Print out the game board and game cards onto some card and print out the rules too. You can laminate the printouts if you want to use them again next Halloween. This is a really good game which is sure to become a family favourite!

You will need:

Our game board (below)
Counters (1 per player)
Our Hallowen game cards (below) - use 2 sets for 3 players, 3 sets for 4 players, 4 sets for 5 or 6 players
3-6 players

How to play:

Place the counters on the starting space.

Each player starts with 3 treats laid out in front of them. The rest of the cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 3 cards. These cards are kept hidden from other players and kept in the players hand. The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face down near the board.

Decide who goes first.

Player 1 rolls the die and moves the number of spaces.

At this stage the player can choose to move spaces forwards or backwards at the cost of 1 treat for each space. The player does not do any actions associated with a space until they finish moving. Any 'spent' treats are discarded.

If they land on a space with another player on it, the player already on the space must give them one treat (if they have any).

If they land on a house they can choose to "trick or treat".

To "trick or treat" they nominate another player. That player must choose a card to give them from their "hand". If it is a "trick card" the actions are followed and the card is discarded. Any lost "treat cards" are also discarded. Any "treat cards" won are added to the treat pile in front of the player. Another card is drawn so all players always have 3 cards in their hand. If the pile runs out, shuffle and reuse the discard pile.

If a player lands on Witch's Cauldron or Jack o' Lantern they can choose to "trick or treat" or nominate another player to "trick or treat" them.

The first player to reach the finish gets 5 bonus treats and can choose to take an additional "trick or treat" if they wish.

When a player has reached the finish they are out of the game and their treats are safe from other players.

When everyone has finished, players total up their final treat tally by counting up the treats in their treat pile and subtracting any treats that remain in their hand. Discard any trick cards.

The winner is the player with the most treats!

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Trick or Treat Board Game 2


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