Trimmed Mask


This Trimmed Mask can be adapted to all shapes and sizes, and of course you can use anything you have in your craft cupboard! If you are planning to make it with a large group of children, you might want to cut out the cardboard mask shapes first and just put out lots of supplies for the kids to decorate.

Trimmed mask

You can use our mask templates if you like. Use coloured card - or pale card for the children to paint and colour.

Our example has a feather boa trim along the top edge and then a beaded braid around the eye holes. You can make a similar shaped mask by folding a piece of paper in half, laying your child's hand on the paper so that the wrist sits on the fold line, and quickly (and roughly) drawing around fingers. Cut through both layers of the paper and open up to form your mask template, which you can then place onto your card to draw around.


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