Tudor House Craft


Tudor half-timbered houses are easily recognisable by their black wooden frames and painted wattle and daub. Have a go at out Tudor house craft and make your own!

Tudor House Craft

You will need:

White box (or a box painted white – you could even mix some sand in with the paint for a more traditional textured look)
Black card
Brown card
White card
Double sided tape or glue
Black pen


Fold some of the black card in half so that it sits on top of the box and forms the roof. Tape or glue into place.

Cut a small ‘house’ shape from some white card. Glue or tape this into place in the middle of the roof so that it looks like a dormer window.

Tudor house detail

Cut a number of strips of the black paper and stick them to the walls of the box as your timber frame. Add a rectangle of brown for a door. We added a "wood grain" effect and a handle with a black pen.

Tudor house door detail

To finish off, draw on some windows. Remember that in Tudor times glass was very expensive and the more windows a person had the richer they were seen to be.


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