Tudor Knot Garden Craft


Knot gardens became popular in Tudor times as the Tudors wanted to show that they could control nature. Knot gardens were made up of well pruned hedges, grown in a symmetrical pattern, with flowers and gravel used to embellish them. We've got a fun idea for you to create your own, fast-growing version!

Tudor knot garden craft

To grow your own garden you will need:

A foil or plastic tray
A kitchen sponge cloth.
Cress seeds


Spend some time designing your knot garden. You might want to draw out a design on a piece of paper the same size as your kitchen sponge cloth, before you do any cutting! Whatever sponge remains will be your knot garden "hedges".

When you are happy with your design, carefully cut the sponge. Put the sponge in your tray and soak with water.

Sprinkle cress seeds over the top, and leave on a windowsill to grow.

Keep watered, but be careful to dribble the water gently into the holes in the cloth or the seeds will wash off! (If they do wash off, don’t worry - just put them back on!)


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