Tudor Lady Craft


Who could resist this beautiful Tudor Lady craft! Sarah and the boys have used their magic to turn a paper cup and polystyrene ball into this beautiful Tudor lady, fit for the court of Henry VIII! Perhaps she is even one of his Queens?

Tudor lady craft

You will need:

Polystyrene ball
Paper cup
Pink paint
Double sided tape (optional)
'Hair-coloured’ wool
Scraps of richly coloured card and fabric
Scrap of lace
Pink craft foam
Scrap of black fabric or tissue paper
Black craft foam
White sequins
Pink pen
Wiggle eyes


Glue the ball to the bottom of the cup. Paint the cup and ball pink. It may help to get coverage if you mix some glue with the paint.

Stick the scrap of lace to the front of the neck (the join between cup and ball).

Cut a rectangle from card to form your bodice. Cut out a rectangular neckline and stick into position so that the lace shows up in the place you have just cut out.

Tudor lady detail 2

Cut and glue on the front piece of the inner skirt, trimming so it reaches the bottom the the cup.

Cut two arms with wide ‘cuffs’ from the same material as your bodice. Stick these in place. Cut out and stick on two pink hands.

Cut out a curved shape for the outer skirt and stick on around the waist. Cut a cape in the same material and use to cover the back, looping around the arms.

Stick a line of tape (or glue) across the head and stick on your hair.

Stick on a rectangle of black fabric (or tissue paper) so it hangs down the back.

Cut an arch of black foam and stick this to the join between fabric and hair.

Decorate with sequins (pearls).

Finish off by sticking on the eyes and drawing a face.

Tudor lady detail


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