Tudor Pot Craft


For poor people in Tudor times, cups were made from quite thick clay, and often had two handles. They were either plain or fired with a green glaze. Our Tudor pot craft has been fired but you could make a similar effect by shaping a pot with air-drying clay and painting.

Tudor pot craft

You will need:

Aridrying clay
Green paint (optional)
Acrylic varnish (optional)


Roll your clay into a sausage shape. Turn your sausage to form a spiral. When it is slightly smaller than the size you want your pot to be, stop and break off the unused clay.

Press down on your spiral so it flattens and becomes the size you want.

Dip your fingers in water and smooth over the clay, so that you can no longer see the joins in the spiral. This is the base.

Roll another clay sausage. Lay it around the edge of base to form the wall. Keep coiling upwards until your cup is the size you want. Break off the unused clay.

From the remainder of the clay, form two handles. Using water as glue, stick the handles on either side.

Dip your fingers in water and smooth out the bumps in the pot.

Leave the pot to harden.

If you like, paint around the edge with green paint, allowing it to run down the edge of the pot. When the paint is dry, you can varnish it.


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