Tudor Rose Collage


The Tudor rose is the heraldic design adopted by Henry VII when he came to the throne. It combines the red rose of Lancaster (Henry VII family) and the white rose of York (his wife Elizabeth’s family) and is supposed to represent the end of the Wars of the Roses, which had raged between the two families for decades. Try our Tudor rose collage - an original Tudor craft to do with your kids.

Tudor rose collage

You will need:

Paper or fabric in red, white, green and orange
Backing paper


Cut out 5 large green leaves and five smaller ones, 5 large red petals and 5 small ones and an orange circle.

Arrange your pieces into a Tudor rose design on your backing paper. When you are happy glue into place.

Tudor Rose detail

Tudor rose colouring page

Or try this instead!

Tudor rose colouring page


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