Larger than life characters, opulent life-styles, charismatic Kings and Queens and some exciting stories of exploration and sea battles - no wonder the Tudor period is so popular with children! We have a great collection of activities to accompany your study of the Tudor period, including a variety of fun worksheets, some wonderful Tudor crafts, printables for all your writing projects, and super Tudor colouring pages...


Tudor Kings and Queens

House of Tudor
You might want to start by exploring our collection of printables for each of the Tudor Kings and Queens, including Lady Jane Grey and the six wives of Henry VIII. For each one you will find notebooking pages, mini booklets and more...
House of Tudor

Lots more Tudor resources to explore below!

Tudor Colouring Pages
Here you will find a collection of Tudor themed colouring pages, including residences of famous...
Tudor Crafts
Liven up your study of the Tudors with our collection of original Tudor crafts!
Tudor Printables
Enjoy this Tudor family tree and our Tudor "coin" printables - print them and colour in,...
Tudor Worksheets
Here you will find a collection of Tudor worksheets to print for your children, both at home and at...
Famous Tudors
Tudor times were a golden time for the arts and exploration. We have origami booklets, notebooking...

Tudor Videos!

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The Tudors - according to Horrible Histories!

The Wives of Henry VIII:

The Mary Tudor Song

Tudor Diet Plan (how the rich and poor ate during Henry VIII's reign)

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