Under The Cups


This is a fun version of "Memory" which you can play with all age groups. We have a party version and a non-party version, both of which your kids will enjoy, as well as a version for one child to play on their own.

Under the Cups

Age: 4+

Preparation for the party version:

You will need 28 Styrofoam or paper cups (not transparent) and 2 each of 14 different pairs of treats to hide such as sweets (candy), treat-sized chocolate bars, or tiny gifts. When nobody is looking put the treats in a rectangular grid pattern (7 x 4) on a table and cover with the cups to make a “concentration” game.


The children take it in turns to turn over a pair of cups. If the treats underneath match, they may take the cups away, claim the treats as their own and have another go. If they do not match, they must carefully replace the cups and play passes to the next player.

Home version:

For a game at home with your own children, find articles such as buttons, toy cars, coins, pencils etc to use instead of treats - although you may want to include a treat or two to make the game extra fun and motivate your child to play!

Count up the number of pairs of objects you have found at the end and declare a winner.

Solitaire version:

A child playing on his or her own can count the number of moves made to find all the pairs, and try to beat the score next time.


Increase or reduce the number of cups and pairs of objects to suit the age and ability of the children.

For a party game for older children, reduce the number of "treats" and throw in the odd booby prize! You could also hide an "instant forfeit" under one or more of the cups: choose something that all the kids at the party would be happy to do.


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