Union Jack T-Shirt

Get out the fabric paints and scraps and have a go at creating your own Union Jack t-shirt! Make it big like we did and it will last a few washes - and years!

Jack wears Union Jack t-shirt

You will need:

Plain t-shirt
Rectangle of blue fabric (we used felt so it didn’t fray)
White ribbon.
Red ribbon (narrower than the white)
Fabric glue

Glue two strips of the white ribbon to the rectangle to form a diagonal cross. Glue the red ribbon on top of the white. Glue a strip of white ribbon down the middle of the flag and one across the middle to form another cross. Again glue a cross of red ribbon on top.

Union Jack t-shirt detail

Trim any ribbon that overhangs the edges of the rectangle.

Glue the flag to your t-shirt.

Union Jack t-shirt

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