We've tried to achieve two purposes with our USA section:

  • Over 35% of Activity Village's visitors come from the United States, and we hope that we have provided something special for you here that you can enjoy with the kids.
  • For the rest of us, we thought it might be fun to pay a "virtual" visit to the United States of America, travellling around the country's famous landmarks with our colouring pages and story paper, trying out some of our American themed craft ideas, and learning a little as we go.
US Colouring Pages
Scroll down for our US landmark colouring pages for kids. Take a colouring trip around America with...
US Crafts
Whether you are looking for a craft for a patriotic sporting occasion or want something fun to do...
United States Flag Printables
Here's a page full of United States flag printables here, which you can use in your projects at...
US Postcards
Travel around the US with the help of these fun printable postcards. They make an excellent little...
US Printables
A few fun printable activities with an American theme, to enjoy in the classroom and home!
US Puzzles
Have a go at this tricky word search puzzle for all of the American States - can the kids find...
US Story Paper
Go on a virtual tour of the United States, learning about the wonderful sights you might see if you...
US Worksheets
Here's a small selection of worksheets - including various map and fact finding worksheets -...
Uncle Sam Activities for Kids
Uncle Sam is a personification of, or nickname for, the United States, and is often used as an icon...
Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York harbour.The statue commemorates the...

American Sports

American Football
American Football




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