Valentine Crown

Here is a quick and simple Valentine craft which can be adapted to suit the materials you have to hand and the ages of the children.

Valentine crown craft for kids

You will need:

Card, paper, stickers and other decorations
Glue stick, stapler


Cut strips of paper to make a band which will encircle the child's head, and staple together securely.

Cut heart shapes out of coloured paper and decorate the band to make your very own Valentine Crown.


Heart stickers can make this a very quick and clean activity if you don't want a mess.

Provide card templates of different heart shapes and sizes, or stencils, for older children to trace for extra practice.

Show your child how you can make a symmetrical heart by folding a piece of paper in half before cutting.

Decorate with glitter or sequins for a glamorous effect.

Why not make a special Valentine crown for a favorite doll or teddy too?

Valentine crown craft

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