Valentine Fishing

Most preschoolers love a fishing game - so here is an idea for an special Valentine variation which you can make yourself.

Valentine Fishing

Age: young

You will need:

Several large heart-shaped fish cut out of card or craft foam. Spend some time decorating them with your children, if you wish, to make the game extra special, and stick a small craft magnet on the tips of their noses.

You will also need some toy fishing poles with magnets on the end.


Scatter your fish into an empty plastic tub or just on a rug on the floor. Give the kids a fishing rod and let them try to catch a fish. For each fish caught, award a small prize such as a Hershey's kiss or other small Valentine candy.


Write a number onto the underneath of each fish. The child who catches the highest number wins.

Write a letter onto the underneath of each fish. The child whose fish has the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet wins.

Draw a heart on the underneath of one or two fishes. Only these special fish win a prize.

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