Watercolour Leaf Bunting


Sam had a lot of fun creating the mottled watercolour paper that we used for this leaf bunting, watching how the colours mixed together. Make sure you put down plenty of plastic sheeting before you start this craft!

Watercolour Leaf Bunting

You will need:

Kitchen towel
Watercolour paints in Autumn shades
Droppers (or paintbrushes)
Wool, string or ribbon


Water down the paints so they are very runny.  Drop the paint on to a sheet of kitchen towel and watch the colours run and mix.

Watercolour leaf bunting - Sam dropping colours onto the kitchen towel
Sam dropping colours onto the kitchen towel

When you have painted as many sheets of kitchen roll as you like leave them to dry.

Cut leaf shapes out of the dry kitchen roll sheets.

Use a hole punch to puch a hole in each leaf. 

Thread on to wool or ribbon and hang.


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