Here in the UK talking about the weather is seen as our national obsession so we thought it was about time that we had a weather topic here at Activity Village. We've packed it full of weather printables, weather colouring pages, weather worksheets, weather puzzles and weather vocabulary so there's lots to explore below!

Weather Colouring Pages
For sunny days to splashing in puddles, have fun whatever the weather with this fun collection of...
Weather Crafts
Whatever the weather we've some inspiration to get crafty with this large collection of weather...
Weather Printables
Have some fun with the weather with our collection of weather themed printables; from diaries, to...
Weather Puzzles
We've plenty of weather puzzles to get you puzzling away whether you want something to keep...
Weather Worksheets
We've writing prompts, drawing prompts, maths worksheets, handwriting practice and so much more...
Weather Vocabulary and Spellings
Learn weather words and how to spell them with this fun collection of flash cards, worksheets,...
Weather Games
We've got all sorts of weather-themed games here that the kids can play at home or at school,...
Extreme Weather
NEW! Learn about and explore the more extreme weather patterns of the world - extreme cold, drought...
Measuring the Weather
In this section on Measuring the Weather we aim to encourage children to observe and measure the...
The Water Cycle
Learn about the water cycle - how water moves around the world and supports life on Earth - with...

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