Weave An Autumn Loom


Why not weave an autumn loom to show off the treasures you collect on your walks during the season? We've also seen them referred to as "fairy looms" and they look fantastic on display in the garden.

Weave an autumn loom

You will need:

A strong 'V' shaped twig or small branch
Dried leaves, feathers and other decorative bits and pieces


Tie the yarn to the twig and wrap around the twig to form a "loom" into which you can weave your treasures. When you have wrapped it enough, tie the other end of the yarn to anchor it.

Now weave your leaves, seeds, feathers and anything else you like into the yarn.

Stand your loom in a sturdy pot of soil or gravel to display inside, or push into the ground outside for a welcome autumn display.

Our autumn looms in the garden
Our autumn looms in the garden


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