What's Your Number?


What’s Your Number? can be enjoyed by all ages of children - and any number up to 6. It is an exciting and popular dice race game and is sure to become one of your favourites!

What's Your Number?



Number recognition
Pencil control


1 - 3 dice
Printable sheets (below) - or make your own
A pencil for each player

How to play

The youngest player rolls one die and writes the number down. This is his special number. Each player then finds their own special number, rolling as many times as necessary to find one which has not been used by another player. If lots of children are playing, simply assign each one a number ..... it simplifies the process! You can also assign a child a number which they are currently learning or having difficulty with.

The player with the lowest number starts by rolling two dice. If your special number is rolled, you may begin to complete your picture (use our printouts or devise your own picture before you start the game). It doesn’t matter who actually rolls the dice; each player is allowed to fill in one of their lines if their number comes up, or two lines if a double is thrown. The first to complete their picture wins the game.


We have two sets of printouts which you can use, or you may, of course, design your own.

  • Our house is popular with younger children and makes an easy, fast game. The straight lines are good practice for little kids, too! Write your own special number in the door. There are nine lines in total.
  • Our cheerful bug has 12 parts to complete and is suitable for older children (as well as being perfect for the two or three player variation below).


Using one die throughout the game will slow it down; using three will speed it up!

You can play additional rounds and keep score by giving the winner the total of the lines left incomplete around the table.

Or give everyone their own score of incomplete lines, and the overall winner is the one with the lowest total at the end of the game.

For a fast two or three player game, choose two numbers each. If you are using the bug printout, write one number on each of the wings to help you remember!

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What's your number printable

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