Whoo Am I Owl Game


Here's a fun card game that will challenge children to use their descriptive powers and to listen carefully! You will need a complete set of 6 cards for each player, so you might want to print each set with a different design on the back to make them easier to separate out (you could use our owl scrapbook paper designs here). Scroll down beneath the printable for instructions.

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Whoo Am I Owl Game


How to Play:

Each player takes a full set of 6 owl cards. The youngest player takes first turn as the "teller", selecting one of the cards in his hand and laying the others face down on the table. The other players ("listeners") hold their cards in a fan and look at them.

The teller then starts to describe the owl he has chosen. He might say "My owl has an orange body, blue wings and yellow tummy feathers."

The listeners try to find an owl that matches the description. When everyone has chosen their owl and agrees that they are ready, all players put the card face up on the table. Do they match?

Alternative Game:

We call this version The Wise Old Owl!

As before, one player chooses one of their cards and put the others down on the table. That one card is The Wise Old Owl. Now each player, starting with the player on his left, asks one question for a yes or no answer only. For example, she might ask "Does your The Wise Old Owl have blue feet?" If the answer is "yes", players can select the cards in their hands that don't have blue feet and put them down on the table - then wait for the next question. As soon as someone thinks they know the answer, they shout "Is this The Wise Old Owl?" and show their card.




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