Window Angel Craft


This window angels make a lovely Christmas craft for kids that will help you decorate your windows for the holidays! They are fun to make and very pretty, too.

Window angel craft

You will need:

Skin tone card
Thread or wool (yarn)
Gold tissue paper
Gold pen
Tracing paper
Gold pipecleaner (chenille stem)
Felt tip pens
Glue stick


Cut a heart shape from tracing paper for your angel's wings. Decorate with gold pen.

Cut a triangle from gold tissue paper Glue the triangle onto the tissue paper wings, using the photo above as a guide for positioning.

Cut a circle from skin tone card and glue it to the point of the triangle. Cut strands of wool for the angel's hair, and glue on.

Fold the pipecleaner in half and form a loop in the centre. Twist the ends together and stick to the back of the head. This is your halo.

Finish by drawing on a face.

Stick to your window and watch the winter sun shine through and make her sparkle!

Window angel detail


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