Witch Costume


Witches are getting more colourful and trendy every year! Go to town with your homemade witch's costume and your child will not only look gorgeous but enjoy her costume too!

witch costume

Traditional or Modern Witch?

A traditional witch costume consists of a long black gown or robe, a black cloak, black hat and wig, a broomstick and some really ugly makeup. When I was a child my mother made me a witch's costume just like this, and I loved it - but even so I have to admit it was hot and uncomfortable, especially with the wig on! These days little girls tend to prefer a more modern style, so we have given you plenty of suggestions below. Whichever you choose, you will need a witch's hat. Why not make your own?

witch's hat craft
Witch's Hat craft

Traditional Witch's Costume

If you want to create a traditional witch's costume, you can make a simple no-sew robe out of a length of black cotton which your child can wear over a T-shirt and pair of tights or leggings. Download instructions here:
Traditional Witch's Robe Template

Modern Witch's Costume

These days, witch's are much more likely to wear bright colours - particularly orange and purple - and have stripy stockings or multi-coloured, trendy skirts!

Triangular layered skirt:

A layered look works very well and can be achieved by stitching or safety pinning triangles of netting and voile (or even crepe paper) onto the waistband of an existing skirt of pair of leggings.

Simple draping and tying for a near-instant outfit!

This is one of our quickest and prettiest witch outfits. Tilly wore a black Tshirt and leggings and then we draped and bunched a length of glittery purple netting around her head and down to just below her knees. I used the whole width of the fabric so there wasn't any cutting or sewing involved. When we had both sides even, I distributed the gathers so that the fabric went all the way around her body and tied a wide black ribbon around her waist to hold it all in place. The effect was of a pretty halter-neck dress. You can see what she looked like below:

Tilly's witch costume

Simple gathered skirt:

Measure from your child's waist to below her knee (or whatever length you require.) Then measure right around her waist. Cut 2 rectangles of taffeta-like fabric to these measurements. Join the side seams, hem if you like (or use pinking shears to cut some jagged points into the bottom of the skirt), and turn the top of the skirt over twice and stitch to form a channel. Thread elastic or a strong ribbon through the channel, and fit to your child's waist. Now cut some triangles of black netting and tack loosely to the waist band so that they hang down and around the skirt (see photo below).

More Ideas:

Pin or sew strips of black lace or net to the shoulders of your child's outfit, loop out, and then catch again at the elbow - as in the photo above. Very glamorous!

Witch costume lace sleeve

Cut rectangles of black lace or netting and gather loosely to fit around the elbows of an existing long sleeved T-shirt or top, or attach them quickly with an elastic band.

Tie a colourful sash (made out of a stiff fabric or even cardboard) around a black dress and add laces at the front or back. This is a great way to update last year's outfit, or to pull in a dress which might otherwise be too big for your child.

Cut draping triangles out of pretty voile and tack lightly to a long-sleeved T-shirt so that they hang down as shown in the photo.

Add stripy stockings!

This dress is a very simple shape cut out of a stretch material, with a round neckline and a jagged hem. Minimal sewing required!

Witch costume with leggings
Finally, this is a great witch costume for the active girl - or for cold weather! Simple pair a black sweater or long sleeved T-shirt with black lettings and top with a cape and hat.


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