Witch's Hands

Here is a handprint craft with a difference, perfect for kids of all ages to make at Halloween!

Witch's Hands

You will need:

Green card or paper

Scraps of black, red or purple card, paper, felt etc



Draw around the children's hands onto the green card and cut out.

Use the scraps of paper or card to cut pointed oval shapes for finger nails and stick them on - embellishing, if you like,
with glitter.

Draw some spidery veins onto the back of the hands (use
your own hands as inspiration).

Why not add a wart or two? Make them by scrunching tissue paper into a tiny ball and sticking onto the hands with
white glue.

Use the hands to decorate a notice-board, the fridge, or the
Halloween table (place them on either side of a plate for a humorous
effect). If you attach them to the edge of doors with sticky-tack it looks
as if someone spooky could be hiding on the other side!

Alternatively, attach plain white paper to the back of the hands and use them as

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