Wooden Spoon Bat Puppet


Just one of our Halloween wooden spoon puppet series, this bat makes a fun (and easy) craft for children in the run-up to Halloween, and the added bonus of a potential puppet show at the end!

Wooden Spoon Bat Puppet

You will need:

Wooden spoon
Black paint
Wiggle eyes
Black craft foam
White (ours was glittery too but it doesn’t need to be) fabric paint pen


Paint the spoon and leave it to dry. Glue two eyes on to the dish of the spoon.

Cut two bat ears (small black triangles) from black foam. Glue the ears to the top of the dish of the spoon.

Cut a large wing shape from black foam. Glue the handle of the spoon to the middle of the wings.

To finish, draw on a mouth with the fabric paint.


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