Wooden Spoon Bunny Puppet


Kids can have fun making this Bunny Wooden Spoon Puppet - perfect for Easter, a farm theme, or any time puppets are required! They might like to make our Wooden Spoon Puppet Chick too.

Wooden spoon puppet bunny

You will need:

Wooden spoon
Pink paint
Pale and bright pink craft foam
Pink pompom
Wiggle eyes
Pink heart or circle sticker
Pink pen


Paint the wooden spoon pink and leave to dry.

Cut two ears from craft foam. Cut two inner ears from a contrasting shade of pink foam and glue these to the centre of the ears. Glue the ears to the top of the spoon.

Glue a pink pompom to the handle for his tail.

Stick the pink sticker on to the back of the spoon for a nose and stick on the two wiggle eyes.

Finish off by drawing on some whiskers with pink pen.

Wooden spoon bunny puppet


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