Wooden Spoon Native American Puppet


Kids will be thrilled with this Native American puppet made out of a wooden spoon and craft cupboard supplies - perfect for Thanksgiving or any time the children feel like putting on a puppet show!

Wooden Spoon Native American Puppet

You will need:

A wooden spoon
Pale brown paint
Black wool
Brown felt
Brown foam
Scrap of coloured foam
3D paints
Wiggle eyes
Brown pen


Paint the spoon and leave to dry.

Cut two dress shapes from felt. Trim the bottoms for a fringed effect. Sandwich the dresses together with the spoon handle in between and glue together.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the waist of the dress.

Glue 6 lengths of wool around the edge of the spoon bowl. Plait each side and finish with a bead.

Cut a strip of brown foam to go around the head. Glue a scrap of foam to one side as a feather and decorate the other side with 3D paint. Glue around the head.

Finally glue on two eyes and draw on a mouth and nose.

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