Wooden Spoon Santa

Here's a Santa puppet made out of a wooden spoon, craft foam and other craft cupboard supplies. Fun to make and fun to play with, too.

Wooden Spoon Santa

You will need:

Wooden spoon
Pink paint
Red, black and white craft foam
Red fabric
Red and white pompoms
Pink pen
Wiggle eyes


Paint the spoon pink and leave to dry.

Cut out a shape for Santa’s body from red foam, using our photo as a guide. Glue the spoon along the back of the body.

Cut buttons, a belt and boots from black foam and stick them to Santa’s body.

Cut a hat shape from red fabric and glue it to the top of the head.

Cut a beard from white foam and stick it on to the face.

Glue a white pompom on to the end of the hat and add a red pompom nose.

Finally stick on two wiggle eyes and draw on a mouth.

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