World Book Day Costumes for Kids


Your child needs to dress up for World Book Day at school tomorrow and you're stuck for inspiration? We've gathered together below some last minute suggestions for book character costumes for your kids! All are designed to be inexpensive and easy to put together from things you alrready have in the house or can borrow easily!

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In no particular order!

Horrid Henry - normal boy clothes, but messy. Don't forget to wear a mischievous expression!

Peter Perfect - normal boy clothes, but perfectly tidy. Button up shirts, polish shoes, and be extra-polite and perfect in every way.

Dirty Bertie - as Horrid Henry above, but perhaps you could add a splodge or two of mud?

Beast Quest - wear golden armour

Angelina Ballerina - pink leotard, pink or white tights and ballet shoes. Add a pink ribbon in the hair

The Tiger Who Came to Tea - just in case you have a tiger costume in your dressing up box!

Sir Gadabout - wear armour or a knight's costume

Tom from Tom's Midnight Garden - striped pyjamas

Tin Tin - Use hair gel to slick short hair up at the front like Tin Tin's, and wear a plain polo shirt and trousers). Easy!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - dress in green and make a paper plate mask

Rainbow Fairies - girls can wear their best fairy costumes!

Tiara Craft - sparkly flower tiara
Tiara Club - girls should wear something pretty ... and a tiara, of course!

Felicity Wishes - pretty pink fairy costume and a wand

Gossip Girls - older girls could style themselves as their favorite Gossip Girl!

Sleepover Club - wear pyjamas and slippers, and take a teddy!

Katniss Everdeen - wear dark trousers and polo top or T-shirt. Make a quiver from a kitchen roll tube and string, and sling it over one shoulder. Carry a toy bow.

Pinocchio - make a nose from kitchen roll tube!

Fern (from Charlotte's Web) - dungarees or jeans, checked blouse, hair in bunches

Moon Face - make a paper plate mask

Saucepan Man - wear pans, obviously!

Charlie and Lola - perfect for a blonde brother and sister, normal children's clothes are all that is necessary, although Lola has distinctive small bunches

Redwall - wear the mouse/rat mask above and armour, and carry a sword

Spiderwick Chronicles - here's an easy one! Normal kids' clothes are all that is required.

Lemony Snicket - again, kids' clothes are fine. Perhaps in sombre colours, a touch old-fashioned?

Stuart Little - print or make our rat/mouse mask (below)

Winnie the Witch - a short black dress and stripy tights

Lyra (His Dark Materials) - short skirt, green shirt, pumps, small brown bag, soft toy daemon

The Worst Witch - another witch costume

Jack's skeleton costume
Funny Bones - our skeleton costume

Captain Underpants - your best underpants (perhaps over a pair of colourful tights) and a cape!

Nancy Drew - slightly old fashioned, "prim" clothes, a magnifying glass and notebook.

Roman Mysteries (Flavia, Nupia, Jonathan, Lupus) - a toga from a sheet, gladiator armour

Oliver (or other Victorian pauper) - short brown trousers, brown shirt, brown cap turned backwards. Add a smudge of black eyeliner on each cheek to make him or her look more wretched.

Alex Rider - cool kids clothes with a gadget or two! Kids could make their own gadgets using boxes, kitchen foil etc.

Little Princess - long old fashioned dress, pinafore, mop cap, bucket

Harry and the Dinosaurs - wear normal clothes and carry a bucket of toy dinosaurs

Thomas the Tank Engine Characters:

  • Fat Controller from Thomas stories - grey trousers, yellow waistcoat, black jacket and black hat.
  • Thomas or other favourite engine - make Thomas out of a large cardboard box which child wears with straps over shoulders!

Alice in Wonderland Characters:

Alice in Wonderland costume

  • Alice in Wonderland costume
  • The Mad Hatter - a big, funny hat - perhaps home-made
  • A book worm - big glasses, a hair band with antennae

Enid Blyton Characters:

  • Famous Five characters - wear 50s children's clothes, perhaps shorts and jerseys. Carry a picnic basket and a bottle of ginger beer!
  • Malory Towers and other school stories - an old fashioned school uniform or dress?

Harry Potter Characters:

  • Harry Potter - wizard's hat, glasses, cloak, wand, broomstick. Or make a Harry Potter mask
  • Hermione - wizard's hat, cloak, wand, broomstick

Roald Dahl Characters:

  • Matilda - normal clothes, red ribbon tied in hair
  • Miss Honey - a pretty teacher!
  • Miss Trunchbull - a very scary, masculine teacher!
  • Charlie - jeans and a bar of chocolate (possibly a pretend one!)
  • The Twits - go as Mr Twit, having made his beard (see below)
  • BFG - wear our BFG ears (see below)
  • Fantastic Mr Fox - make mask (see below)

Fantastic Mr Fox mask craft
Fantastic Mr Fox Mask

BFG ears craft
BFG Ears

Mr Twit's beard craft
Mr Twit's Beard

Dr Seuss Characters:

  • Cat in the Hat - red and white hat, whiskers, black nose
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 - red T-shirts and legging, trousers or tights, bright blue wigs

Narnia Characters:

  • Prince Caspian - knight's outfit, simple and narrow gold crown made with a length of gold card
  • Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund - 50s clothes; or "royal" outfits of simple robes, crowns (as for Prince Caspian), swords, bow and arrow etc
  • Reepicheep rat (mouse) mask (below) or ears and tale, sword, waistcoat
  • Mr Tumnus ears, baggy brown furry trousers?
  • Aslan lion costume or mask
  • White witch - grand white cloak, Turkish Delight, fierce and terrible expression!

Rat mask to make

Peter Pan Characters:

  • Peter Pan - green T-shirt and tights or leggings, and preferably a Peter Pan hat
  • Tinkerbell - fairy costume
  • Captain Hook - pirate with hat and hook
  • Smee or other pirate - pirate costume

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