Woven CD Mandala


Here's a fun way to practise your weaving skills, and design a beautiful "mandala" for display. Younger children may need some help getting started with this craft. Older children could get even more creative by choosing different materials to weave with such as string, raffia or ribbons, and perhaps even mixing in beads to their designs. Remember, though, that to qualify as a mandala the design should always be symmetrical.

Woven CD Mandala

You will need:

  • An old cd
  • Wool


  • Wrap a length of wool from the back (the patterned side) through the middle of the disc and round the edge an odd number of times. The exact number doesn't matter but it must be odd.
  • Tie the end of the wool to the start. This is your base to weave on.   
  • Choose your first colour of wool and cut a length off the ball. Tie one end to the wool at the middle of the disc.
  • Weave the wool under one piece of base wool and over the next, round in a circle.

Woven CD mandala - detail 1

  • When you are finished with one colour tie on the next and continue weaving.

Woven CD mandala - detail 3

Woven CD mandala - detail 2

  • To finish, tie the wool to one of your base strands and cut off the extra.



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