Wreath Collage Craft


This pretty Christmas wreath is made from torn magazine paper and buttons, and is a perfect Christmas craft for all age of children, from youngest up.

Wreath collage hanging in window

Our wreath collage hanging in window - yes, it's been snowing!

You will need:

Our template (below). We used the largest wreath shape
Magazine pages in appropriate colours
Buttons or beads to decorate if desired
Hole punch
White glue
Ribbon or cord to hang

Christmas wreath template
Christmas wreath template


Print our template directly onto card and cut out, removing the centre carefully. We used green printer card for our button wreath but any colour will work as you won't see much of the card when the wreath is finished. Alternatively, print onto paper and use as a template to cut out some heavier card as a base.

Punch a hole in the template where marked.

Choose some appropriately coloured pages from your magazine and tear into little pieces. Jagged edges and irregular shapes look pretty!

Wreath collage in progress
Wreath collage in progress

Now cover the base with a good layer of white glue and start sticking! Try to cover as much as the base as you can. You may need to put a little more glue on once the bottom layer is finished, so that you can stick extra pieces of paper on the top. We tried to make sure that the paper didn't lie completely flat, to give a more textured effect.

Wreath collage detail
Wreath collage detail. We chose pretty muted colours and left the edges of the torn paper sticking up for texture.

We decided to add a few buttons to our wreath. You could leave it as it is, or add beads, sequins, stickers etc.

Wreath collage drying
Wreath collage drying

Leave it to dry overnight, then add a ribbon and hang.

So pretty!
So pretty!


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