Year of the Horse


The next Year of the Horse will be in 2026. In the meantime, children who were born in Year of the Horse or have family members who were can find out about Horse characteristics and enjoy our fun printables, puzzles, colouring pages, crafts and other activities for kids.

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse Dates

  • 30th January 1930 - 16th February 1931
  • 15th February 1942 - 4th February 1943
  • 3rd February 1954 - 32rd January 1955
  • 21st January 1966 - 8th February 1967
  • 7th February 1978 - 27th January 1979
  • 27th January 1990 - 14th February 1991
  • 12th February 2002 - 31st January 2003
  • 31st January 2014 - 18th February 2015
  • 17th February 2026 - 5th February 2027

Next Year of the Horse

17th February 2026 - 5th February 2027

Horse Characteristics

The horse is independent and popular, fun, cheerful and energetic. They don't like to sit still, and they don't like to be tied down! If needs be, a horse will put his head down and keep on going with a task until it is finished. The flip side of this determined spirit is that a horse can also be stubborn!

Year of the Horse Resources

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Year of the Horse Printables
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Year of the Horse Puzzles
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