Year of the Monkey

On 8th February 2016 we welcomed in a new Chinese New Year - the Year of the Monkey!

"This Monkey year, I give you five monkeys:
the ingenuity of the macaque,
the health and happiness of the monkey,
the leisure and wealth of monkey-kind,
the lightheartedness of apes and monkeys,
and intelligence and wit surpassing the Monkey King."
​A traditional greeting for the Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey 2016

Find out about the Year of the Monkey and enjoy our fun new monkey activities - many of them NEW!

Year of the Monkey Dates

Was someone you know born in the Year of the Monkey? Find out by looking at the dates below...

  • 6th February 1932 - 25th January 1933
  • 25th January 1944 - 12th February 1945
  • 12th February 1956 - 30th January 1957
  • 30th January 1968 - 16th February 1969
  • 16th February 1980 - 4th February 1981
  • 4th February 1992 - 22nd January 1993
  • 22nd January 2004 - 8th February 2005

Next Year of the Monkey

8th February 2016 - 27th January 2017

Monkey Characteristics

Everyone knows the monkey has brains and is a little on the cheeky side! They are also enthusiastic and cheerful, quick-witted and creative. They are prepared to help others and will always find a clever way around a problem. Monkeys love to learn, too.

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