Advent Wreath Happiness Calendar

This is a lovely, decorative advent calendar - with a difference! Rather than discovering a treat every day, we plan to write down one thing that we have enjoyed, something we are grateful for, or a special memory, just before bedtime. We are using small white cards, and then pegging them onto the appropriate day.

We have a printable of the tartan hearts (scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it).

Advent Wreath Calendar

You will need:

Polystrene or thick card base from a pizza
Green and red acrylic paint
24 wooden clothes pegs
Green and red marker pens
Strong hi tack glue (or  a glue gun, supervised)
White card
Number stickers (or perhaps a gold marker pen)
Our printable hearts (below) or your own


Cut the middle from the pizza base to make a wreath.

Paint the wreath in red and green.

Using the marker pens, colour half the clothes red and half green.

Glue the pegs around the wreath so that they open on the outside of the wreath.  

Advent calendar happiness wreath - detail of pegs

Print 24 tartan hearts onto card. Cut out the hearts and use the number stickers or gold marker to label them 1-24.

Glue the hearts to the front of the pegs.

Peg a message to the wreath on every day of advent.

Advent calendar happiness wreath in action
Our advent calendar happiness wreath in action. You can see we are using heart shapes for our happiness message, but you could use simple squares or rectangles.

Advent wreath happiness calendar printable

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