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Holidays and one-off events are a great excuse for getting the kids involved in crafts, colouring, projects and themed learning activities. You'll find lots of ideas here for nearly every holiday under the sun! Scroll down for a listing of holidays and events by date...

Activity Village's Holiday Calendar

Holidays and Events covered by Activity Village



MAY 2022

May: National Share a Story Month

1st May: May Day / Beltane

1st May: International Dawn Chorus Day

1st May: International Space Day

2nd May: Eid al-Fitr

2nd to 6th May: Teacher Appreciation Week (US)

2nd to 8th May: Sun Awareness Week

3rd May: Teacher Appreciation Day (US)

4th May: Star Wars Day

5th May: Children's Day (Japan)

5th May: Cinco de Mayo

6th May: Vesak

7th May: National Fitness Day (US)

8th May: VE Day

8th May: Mother's Day (US)

9th May: Europe Day

9th May: National Lost Sock Day

11th May: International Astronomy Day

12th May: Florence Nightingale's Birthday

13th May: Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May: International Day of Families

16th May: Armed Forces Day (US)

19th May: National Numeracy Day

20th May: World Bee Day

21st May: Ascension Day

22nd May: Outdoor Classroom Day

23rd May: World Turtle Day

24th May: Victoria Day (Canada)

29th May: National Biscuit Day (UK)

30th May: Memorial Day (US)

30th May: World Otter Day

JUNE 2022

1st June: Butterfly Education and Awareness Day

1st June: Dinosaur Day

2nd - 5th June: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

8th June: World Oceans Day

12th June: Anne Frank's Birthday

12th June: The Queen's Birthday (official)

12th June: Cupcake Day (Alzheimer's Society)

13th - 17th June: Healthy Eating Week

18th June: International Picnic Day

18th - 26th June: National Picnic Week

19th June: Juneteenth

19th June: Father's Day (UK, US and Canada)

20th June: International Surfing Day

21st June: Summer Solstice

21st June: International Yoga Day

22nd June: Windrush Day

27th June: Helen Keller Day

27th June - 10th July TBC: Wimbledon Championships

JULY 2022

1st - 24th July: Tour de France

1st July: Canada Day

4th July: Fourth of July

7th July: World Chocolate Day

17th July: World Emoji Day

18th July: Mandela Day

9th - 13th July: Eid al-Adha

21st July: Ice Cream Day

24th July: Amelia Earhart Day

29th July: International Tiger Day

30th July: Friendship Day

31st July: JK Rowling's Birthday

31st July: National Tree Day (Australia)


August / September: Back to School

6h August: Hiroshima Peace Day

8th August: International Cat Day

10th August: World Lion Day

11th August: Enid Blyton's Birthday

12th August: World Elephant Day

16th August: National Tell a Joke Day


August / September: Back to School

2nd-5th: Anniversary of the Great Fire of London

3rd September: National Flag Day (Australia)

4th September: Father's Day (Australia and New Zealand)

5th September: International Day of Charity

6th September: Read a Book Day (US)

6th September: Labor Day (US and Canada)

8th September: Are You OK Day (Australia)

8th September: International Literacy Day

9th September: Are You OK Day? (Australia)

11th September: Grandparent's Day (US)

13th September: Roald Dahl Day

17th September: World Cleanup Day

19th September: Talk Like A Pirate Day

21st September: Peace Day

22nd September: World Rhino Day

22nd September: Autumn Equinox

22nd September: World Car Free Day

25th-27th September: Rosh Hashanah

26th September: European Day of Languages

29th September: World Heart Day

September / October - Harvest Festival


September / October - Harvest Festival

October: Black History Month (UK)

2nd October: Grandparent's Day (UK)

4th October: World Animal Day

6th October: National Poetry Day (UK)

5th - 10th October: National Libraries Week (UK)

6th October: Teachers' Day (UK)

10th October: Canadian Thanksgiving

10th October: Columbus Day

16th October: World Food Day

21st October: Apple Day

24th October: Diwali

31st October: Halloween


2nd November: Day of the Dead

3rd November: World Jellyfish Day

5th November: Bonfire Night

11th November: Remembrance Day

13th November: Remembrance Sunday

15th November: Steve Irwin Day

25th November: Thanksgiving

24th November: National Tree Week

30th November: St Andrew's Day


1st December: Rosa Parks Day (in some US States)

1st December: Advent

15th December: National Cupcake Day (US)

18th - 26th December: Hanukkah

25th December: Christmas

26th December: Kwanzaa

Special and Occasions and Events at Activity Village



1st January: New Year

4th January: World Braille Day

16th January: Martin Luther King Day

21st January: Squirrel Appreciation Day

22nd January: Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit)

23rd January: National Handwriting Day (UK)

25th January: Burns Night

26th January: Australia Day

29th January: National Puzzle Day

30th January - 5th February (TBC): National Storytelling Week

31st January: National Backward Day

31st January: International Zebra Day


All of February: Black History Month (US)

2nd February: Groundhog Day

2nd February: World Hedgehog Day

4th February: Rosa Parks Day (in some US States)

6th February: Waitangi Day (New Zealand Day)

7th February: Charles Dickens' Birthday

7th February: Send A Card To A Friend Day

12th February: Superbowl

14th February: Valentine's Day

15th February: National Flag of Canada Day

21st February: Pancake Day

21st February: Mardi Gras

22nd February: Presidents' Day

22nd February: World Thinking Day

27th February: National Polar Bear Day


MARCH 2023

March: Women's History Month

1st March: St David's Day

2nd March: Dr Seuss's Birthday

2nd March: World Book Day

8th March: Holi

8th March: International Women's Day

13th March: Commonwealth Day

17th March: St Patrick's Day

19th March: Mother's Day (UK)

19th March: Mothering Sunday

20th March: Spring Equinox

20th March: Nowruz

20th-26th March: Shakespeare Week

22nd March to 21st April: Ramadan

30th March: Rama Navami

APRIL 2023

[22nd March to 21st April: Ramadan]

April: National Pet Month

3rd April: Jane Goodall's Birthday

4th April: World Rat Day

5th - 13th April: Passover

7th April: World Health Day

7th April: International Beaver Day

9th April: Easter Sunday

9th April: National Unicorn Day

9th April: Winston Churchill Day (US)

13th April: Thomas Jefferson Day (US)

14th April: Vaisakhi

14th April: Dolphin Day

21th April: The Queen's Birthday (actual)

22nd April: Earth Day

23rd April: St George's Day

23rd April: Shakespeare Day / Shakespeare's Birthday

25th April: World Penguin Day

25th April: Anzac Day

27th April: Stop Food Waste Day

29th April: Arbor Day (date varies by country and US state)

30th April: Buddha's Birthday

Holidays and Events covered by Activity Village

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