Whether you are looking for cat and kitten colouring pages to support the arrival of a new pet, activities to support a farm animal theme, or a witch's cat craft for Halloween, you will find something here!

Cats for kids

Did You Know?

Cats first became pets in Cyprus around 9,500 years ago - so they've been part of lives for a long time now! Ancient Egyptians loved cats so much they even worshipped a cat goddess, and killing a cat was punishable by death!
Nowadays there are around 7.4 million pet cats just in the United Kingdom, and an amazing 85.8 million in the United States! .

Fun Fact: Cats love to sleep - up to 6-18 hours per day on average!

Our Cat Activities

Cat Colouring Pages
Kittens are cute and cats are beloved pets for many - and we've got both to colour in here in...
Cat Crafts
Cat crafts of all sorts, for children of all ages! We've got black cats for Halloween, cat...
Cat Printables
Have fun with our collection of cat printables.  We have a lovely poster, a fun learn to draw...
Cat Puzzles
If you have a cat loving child in the family or classroom, they might enjoy having a go at these...
Cat Worksheets
Here are some simple worksheets for cat loving children! You might like to use them for a pet or...

More Cat Ideas!

Cat Catching Mice
Play a traditional Chinese chase game with a group of children:
Cat Catching Mice

How about face-painting a kitty cat?

Cat face painting

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