Dogs are the world's most popular pet, although dogs are still used for hunting, working and even racing all around the world. Descended from wolves, the dog today is sociable, intelligent and, if treated properly and trained well, a loving family member.

Dogs for kids

Fun Fact: The most popular names for male dogs are Max and Jake, and the most popular names for female dogs are Maggie and Molly.

As dogs, and of course puppies, are always popular with children, we are in the process of expanding our range of dog printables and colouring pages and will soon be introducing a range of dog crafts too - but you will still find lots to keep the kids busy below!

Year of the Dog
The dog is one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. If you have a "dog" in your family, you might want to check out our Year of the Dog resources:
Year of the Dog

Dog colouring pages
Dogs love kids and kids love dogs - and we hope they will love these dog colouring pages!
Dog Crafts
Here are two quick dog crafts - and we've got more to come. Make a little origami dog face -...
Dog Printables
Dog printables for kids - including a cute dog mask to print, writing printables for the classroom...
Dog Puzzles
Keep the kids busy with lots of puzzles on a dog theme. We've mazes, dot to dots, word puzzles...
Dog Worksheets
A small collection of fun worksheets for children with dogs as the theme! Just print and enjoy...

More Dog Ideas

Paint your child's face like a cute puppy!

Dog face painting

Scottie Dogs
We have a collection of templates and other fun printables based on the iconic Scottie dog!
Scottie Dogs

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