Keep your children as 'busy as a beaver' with our beaver colouring pages, crafts and printables.

Beavers are distinctive for their long front teeth which never stop growing and are kept short by knawing wood and theit flat tails which they use as rudders when swimming, for balance on land and  patting things down when building.

Fun Fact:

The worlds largest beaver dam  is in Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada. It stretches for 850m and is still growing. It is visible from space.

International Beaver Day is celebrated on 7th April each year. It's the perfect excuse to spend a day learning about beavers and trying out some of the activities below!



Beaver Colouring Pages
Just a few simple colouring pages of the beaver for kids to enjoy, perhaps as part of a Canadian...
Beaver Crafts
Here are two cute beaver crafts that children can enjoy when studying beavers, enjoying a Canadian...
Beaver Printables
Enjoy our beaver printables - including a cute little beaver jigsaw and some beaver notebooking...
Beaver Worksheets
Here are some counting, spelling and writing activities on a Beaver theme.

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