Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentines Day on 14th February with Activity Village's selection of Valentine crafts, colouring, puzzles, jokes, cards, jigsaws and printables for kids! You'll find the colours red and pink and hearts galore, and all sorts of Valentine's Day activities to keep your kids busy - enough for a week of Valentine's Days! Explore below...

Valentine's Day at Activity Village

Valentines, valentines
Red, white and blue
I'll make a nice one
And send it to you.

Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine's Day is a great excuse for a crafty session with the kids - after all there is...
Making Valentine's Day Cards
Helping your kids to make their own Valentine Cards is fun and rewarding, and of course the cards...
Valentine's Day Colouring Pages
We have a large collection of original Valentine's Day colouring pages to suit all ages - we...
Valentine's Day Colouring Cards
Print out these Valentine Cards to colour and set your children loose with the colouring pencils or...
Valentine's Day Worksheets
We've got Valentine's Day worksheets for all ages here, ranging from some simple tracing...
Valentine's Day Puzzles
Print these Valentine's Day puzzles - words sudoku, mazes, counting puzzles, stepping stones...
Valentine's Day Jokes
Enjoy our Valentine's Day jokes for kids. Read online, or have fun with our printable bookmarks...
Valentine's Day Printables
Lots NEW! We have a huge collection of Valentine's Day printables for you to explore here -...
Valentine's Day Games
Have fun this Valentine's Day with our collection of Valentine's Day games and activities....

Sing along to this cute and catchy Valentine's Day song for kids:

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I Love You song:

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Ideas for throwing your own Valentine's Day party on a budget:

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Kids enjoying Valentine's crafts

Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them with me.
I have red ones, orange ones, yellow ones, too.
I have green ones, purple ones, and some that are blue.
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Count them with me! 1-2-3-4-5.....

Valentine's Day for Kids

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