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There are lots of fun alphabet printouts to explore on Activity Village, and Shelly tries some out with her son in this guest blog post.

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Fun Alphabet Printouts

By Shelly

I recently went onto the alphabet section of Activity Village to search for some fun letters that I could print out for my son so we could build some words together.  We have always had letters of the alphabet printed out for the kids to use but he wanted something a bit more grown up than the teddy bear ones we currently have. He had a look on the website and immediately asked if we could print out the Monster Alphabet Cards.

Monster alphabet cards

He LOVES them and has been very happy using them to practise spelling out a few of his new words. You might find it helpful to print out two copies of the alphabet – we definitely found that we needed 2 of the vowels and also 2 of some of the consonants – like l’s and s’s.  

Creating words with the monster alphabet cards
Creating words with the monster alphabet cards

He also really likes the Sports Alphabet – it prints out in black and white and he wants to colour it in / decorate the letters himself.

Sports alphabet

While I was looking for his monster alphabet I found a LOT of new fun printable alphabet pages that I had not noticed before and I thought I would share some of my favourites and how I would possibly use them.

Lower Case and Upper Case Flaps

I did something like this with my son when he was just learning his letters. You need the full alphabet in a lower case and also in an upper case. I used the Chick Alphabet Cards for this). Cut out the chicks. Then glue all of the upper case chicks onto some card or paper. Now you are going to glue the matching lower case chicks on top of the upper case chicks, but this time you only glue the head. That way the kids can lift the flap of the lower case and see its matching upper case letter underneath it. It is something that is easy to set up at home (just some cutting required while you watch telly in the evening) and it is a great way of getting the kids familiar with which upper case letters match which lower case letters.

Lower case and upper case chicks glued together
Lower case and upper case chicks glued together. You could have a whole alphabet of these as a border on your wall!

You could do the exact same thing with the Butterfly Alphabet and also with the Teddy Alphabet.

Lower Case and Upper Case Matching Activity

My daughter would have loved this. Cut out the Daisy Alphabet Upper Case and the Butterfly Alphabet Lower Case and then the kids have to fly the correct butterfly to the correct flower. You could do the same activity with the teddy bears picking flowers; each teddy from the Teddy Alphabet Lower Case needs to hold the correct Daisy Alphabet Upper Case.

Matching lower case butterflies to upper case daisies
Matching lower case butterflies to upper case daisies

If you have any magnetic letters lying around the house you could also get them to try and match the same magnetic letter to the letter on the flower or butterfly.

Creating A Fun Alphabet In Your House

You could do this with any of the Printable Alphabets.  Just set them out somewhere where the kids can see them on a regular basis – we found a noticed board in our kitchen near to our kitchen table perfect for this.

I love the penguin alphabet for this as it looks like the penguins are holding hands!

Penguin alphabet on a notice board
Penguin alphabet on a notice board (and that's the Building A Nest Colouring Page you see!)

With both my kids we have found having letter printouts in the house very useful. At the beginning it helped the kids get familiar with what the letters were. It helped them to understand that the lower case format and upper case format of a letter is just a different way of writing the letters - and of course and we have used them a lot for spelling.

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This is a guest post from Shelly. Shelly is a home educating parent of two children aged 6 and 9. She blogs at ofamily learning together where she shares ideas on their different learning activities including lots of hands-on maths, arts and crafts and anything else that is part of their home educating lifestyle.

You can find more guest posts by Shelly, and a list of all our guest posts, here.


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Guest Post - Fun Alphabet Printouts
Thursday, 5th April 2018

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